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About DaleDiva

It was back in autumn 2007 that 38-year-old Ally Law made the decision to turn her love of singing into a quest to fufill her lifelong dream of directing her own chorus.


"Starting DaleDiva has been one of my highlights of my life so far. I've learnt so much from this fabulous group of women and their hard work and dedication motivates me to be the best director I can be for them.

I love the fact that I'm able to empower women with confidence and a new 'Diva' attitude. I'm so proud of the way we improve, the experiences we share and of friendships that will last a lifetime. DaleDiva is all about sharing the journey - and I don't ever want it to end."

Ally had followed in her mum Brenda and Aunty Beryl’s barbershop footsteps singing with them in Derby Ladies chorus since she was 11 and carried on when she later left home and moved south by joining Bedford-based Phoenix.

When Ally moved back to her native Derbyshire in 2007 with husband Simon and young daughter Grace she was kept busy starting her own plumbing business - but was also keen to get singing again and meet some new friends.

So she launched her appeal "Wanted - women who sing!" in the Matlock Mercury and other local newspapers and with a poster campaign in and around Cromford where she lived.

The venue was hired and the date set and on a cold, wet night in November Ally, her mum, Aunty B and some friends from Phoenix, of which Ally was still a member, anxiously waited to see if anyone would turn up. And they did!

More than 80 apprehensive but enthusiastic women of all ages arrived and settled down to let Ally introduce them to the amazing world of four-part harmony singing.

By the time they left that evening they'd learning how to sing "Da Doo Ron Ron" in four-part harmony - and DaleDiva was born.

Ally believes we all have an 'inner diva' and with hard work and commitment it can be nurtured into an award-winning team performance - something she's proved as her chorus has developed and grown.

Since our early days progress has been swift and successful with highlights including medals in various national and international competition, recording albums and winning Channel 5's "Don't Stop Believing".

Our achievements mean we're a popular chorus and now have a thorough audition process and probation period to make sure our standards stay high.

But despite our success we never lose sight of who we are. We're ordinary women doing extraordinary things - and singing together because we love it.

Team DaleDiva

Musical Director: Ally Law

DaleDiva's Music Team

Headed by our Musical Director each of our four sections; bass, baritone, lead and tenor, has a number of section leaders who are:

Ann Pepper, Julie Thornhill, Amie Forster, Karen Allton, Karen Kemp, Claire McGuinness, Julia Taylor, Karen Chapman, and Leisha Martin.

Section leaders help to develop the chorus by supporting each Diva in their section to be the best they can be, help with any musical issues, offer advice and support and evaluate performance.

DaleDiva's Management Team

President: Grace Goodbean

Vice president: Jacqui McCance

Secretary: Judith Eisenberg

Publicity: Ally Law/Julie Thornhill

Treasurer: Karen Allton

Membership: Sally Bonsall

Chorus Manager/Events organiser: Julie Thornhill