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10th Birthday Party Triumph!

DaleDiva celebrated our 10 year birthday with an evening to remember! We danced, sang, ate, drank and generally had a FABULOUS EVENING!Anniversay meal photo

Diary of a Diva

Last night we had our 10th Birthday Celebration meal at the New Bath Hotel in Matlock Bath. Wow wow and wow again! I have been to many celebration meals in my time in Divas but this was the best ever! No, I haven't got a Prosecco hangover that is clouding my judgement....just the memories of delight after delight throughout the evening. It was full of surprises:

  • Ally was given 10 presents throughout the evening but with a difference. Each section had bought their allocation of presents and chosen a song that linked with the present. So at random times throughout the evening the songs played and the Divas involved sashayed and gave their present. So much thought had been put into those presents and Ally was THRILLED and surprised with everyone of them.

  • Sam from 'Tailor' in Sheffield had produced the video to celebrate our 10 years and it had its Premiere last night. We all loved it as he has really captured the Divas, who we have been and who we are now. He also had made a 'Bloopers' video which made us all howl! Thank you Sam! Watch this space as it will be released on this website and Facebook within the week!

  • Ally presented mementos to the 10 Founder memories of DaleDiva. It was a touching moment as without the faith and trust that these Divas have put into the group we would not have been downing Prosecco 10 years later. Thank you Founder Divas - awesome!

  • Janet our most patient Diva, had made scrap books for every year we have been alive! So 10 jam packed files were on display. Throughout the evening there were gaggles of Divas laughing and enjoying memories. How we have all changed over the years .....and how has our weight gone up and down! Starting my diet on Monday having seen the earlier scrap books!!

  • Pam and the social team had done a marvellous job on the venue- we even had past costumes as table centre pieces! Well done girls!

So we ate, danced, drank, laughed, hugged, drank, and laughed some more. It was like having a huge family party because that is what the Divas are. A group of women who love spending time together...and just happen to able to sing in an amazing way. As our strap line says.....'ordinary women doing extraordinary things'. Last night confirmed to me that actually the Divas are extraordinary women and I am proud to be able to say that I belong to DaleDiva. Off to find a tissue to weep into!

And remember .......keep singing'!