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Anniversary Meal Looming

We are all getting into our glad rags to go to our Diva 10 year Birthday Party at the New Bath Hotel in Matlock Bath. We are so excited especially as we are going to get to see our 10 year celebratory video that is having its premiere!

We are all looking forward to our 10 year Anniversary meal. We are all going to be dressed up and partying! What fun is anticipated.....the Social Team headed by the lovely Pam is in full flight and they are planning all sorts of exciting extras.

One of these is the launch of the Diva 10th Year Celebratory video. This has been professionally produced for us and we are all excited to seeing it And guess what...........once we have seen it on our party night it will go for general release on our website and Facebook. So keep your eyes open for it!

And of course if you want to see us please come to the concert that we are performing in on Saturday 11th November.........this Saturday! Details are at the top of this page and tickets are going fast so book your ticket today!

And remember .......keep singing'!