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FREE Vocal lessons starting 25th January 2018 for 4 Thursdays


For 4 Thursdays starting from January 25th DaleDiva are inviting women 16 years and over to join them at their rehearsals to take part in a 4-week FREE singing program. If you can sing already we will be helping you to develop your voice. If you don't already sing we will help you to learn. You may be a secret singer doing so only on the car or the shower, maybe someone who loves to belt out a good Kareoke ballad, perhaps you already sing in a group or perhaps are planning to sing a song for someone special. Whoever you are, will are confident you will get something out of these sessions. The sessions will begin with a fun vocal and physical warm up with the chorus and then you will spend time with the music team working on various elements. After you will get the chance to practice some of your new skills by learning a song along with the chorus - STAY WITH ME - Sam Smith. Then it will be time for a cuppa and the chance to watch the chorus rehearse if you wish. This is not a recruitment drive but just a chance for you to do something different and have some fun! You do not have to read music and will not be expected to sing on your own. Venue: Holy Trinity Church, Matlock Bath Time: 7.30 - 10pm For more details or to register please contact us via the CONTACT US page on this website